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August 5, 2015               GSMR CLUB NEWSLETTER

 Officers:                                                                                                             Contact

President                                                       Hulon McCraw                      828-606-2918

Vice President                                              Mike Perry                             828-891-4676

Secretary                                                       Kathy Nowakowski               828-894-5952

Treasurer                                                       Frank Costerisan                    828-685-0322

Membership Chairman                              Kim LaRowe                            828-891-8299


Our membership meeting July 21st at Bay Breeze had 34 members attending and two guests James Robinson and Reg McGee.

Our August 18th meeting will be at Mills River Restaurant on Hwy. 280 just before the Marathon Gas Station and intersection of Hwy.191.

Membership report from Kin LaRowe has us with 255 members, 111 are Little Detroit Chapter members.

Jeanne Robertson and Karen Beardsley are chairing our club picnic again this year and the date was confirmed,  Saturday October 24th at Harman Field in Tryon, NC. Expect to hear more as the time draws closer, but mark your calendars now!

Last month’s lucky dog winner Joe Nowakowski spoke about his first experience and love for the 50 Ford. This month’s winner was the better half of the Nowakowski family and I can hardly wait for Kathi’s remarks.

James Robinson a retired Chrysler employee and his friend Reg McGee a retired UAW leader spoke on their experiences in the automotive world. Their comments on the successes and failures were very interesting.

Phil and Cat Martin have planned three Thursday night Cruise Ins at Horse Shoe Restaurant and each have been well attended by GSMR and HACC members. Thanks Phil and Cat for your support and organizing these fun events for us to enjoy.  If you haven’t attended one yet you are missing out on great food, fun and fellowship.

Saturday morning Donut Derlics move from Ingles in Etowah to Nancy Lynn’s Dinner and Pizzareia in Mills River has been a positive move and well received by all patrons. Everyone has commented about the quality of the food and the great tasting hand pattied sasauge. Hope you too will join us every Saturday morning at 7:00 AM.

Thanks to Christian Aicher for organizing the Continental Plant tour and to the twelve attendees who like me left there with a whole new understanding of manufacturing. I left the manufacturing sector in 1984 most of which was still being done manually by humans. Not so in 2015 with 64 Robots doing the machining and assembly of brake calipers for 20 plus auto manufacturers producing over 4 Million units annually. I hate you missed this opportunity since Continental generally holds tour only for potential customers.

Mike Perry and I had the pleasure and honor of standing in for Brian Johnson at BRCC today. Brian being out of town for two weeks for training missed the opportunity of the arrival of the 1970 Javelin donated to the Automotive Programs/Skills USA by North Carolina Region/Triangle Chapter members Jim and Becky Aldrich. You may remember the 1920 Police Car at our show in May owned by Jim and Becky. They graciously answered the plea for a donated vehicle at our show in May. Today the deal was done, Jim delivered the vehicle and Mike and I helped unload the vehicle and all associated parts. Photos are posted on our Facebook if you are interested in viewing.  

August is another busy month IF you want to get involved in club activities. Mark your calendars for these activities:              2015 GSMR Local Schedule in RED  

                                   2015 LDC Local Schedule in BLUE

                                   2015 Music On Main Concert Series

                        2015 National Meets & Tours Schedule in BLACK


August 11 5PM Columbus Brick Rest. & 6:30PM Scoops Ice Cream, Dinner & Ice Cream with LDC members.

August 14 Tuxedo Junction /Variety            Car Show


August 15 9AM-8PM Cool Cars & Hot Nites, Forest City Car Show $25.00


August 15 11AM-4PM Dan’s Music Barn             Horseshoe, NC


August 18 6 PM GSMR Membership Meeting   Mills River Restaurant


August 22 9-Till Brass, Bikes & Memorabilia Tour Clyde/Maggie



August 22 9-4 Cooley Springs Baptist Church Car Show $20.00

Aug 25-27                          Western Div. Tour                                                         Northern California

Aug 27 6:30                   LDC Membership Meeting                                         Forest City Cafe

Aug 30-Sept 4                   Revival AAA Glidden Tour (1942 or Earlier)            Oklahoma City, OK 

Gary Barnett and the LDC folks are planning the following tour. Check it out it sounds like a lot of fun.

Tentative Fall Color Tour Oct.15, Thursday is planned for the old cars. The tour will follow 150 through Lincolnton. A visit to Steel Rubber Products, then on to Lake Norman and board the Catawba Queen Mississippi Riverboat for lunch and a hour and half tour of Lake Norman. Sorry, a weekend tour cannot be arranged for this, we hope you can schedule for this one. Let Ernie Dustman or Gary Barnett know if you are interested in participating.                                     

Happy motoring until we meet again. Please SUPPORT THOSE SUPPORTING US!


Hulon McCraw




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